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Car shampoo review

A simple quick review on various car shampoos I've tried and tested.

First up is Kit Car Shampoo.

The bottle instructions say
1 cap + 6 L water.
1 cap = 8.5 ml

therefore you only need
17 ml per 12 L water.

17 ml!!!!

thats a dilution ratio of 1:700

the bottle only costs Rm 10

Then I mixed it with the water.
Then I found the reason why its so cheap,
it doesnt work.

I tried washing the bike and it felt like I was just using plain water, something you should never do.
Seriously the water feels rough and dry. A good shampoo has to be wet and slippery.
Bubbles? There were some bubbles but they are not really important.
the verdict

[b]Dilution Ratio 1:700[/b]
Price: Rm 10 /16 oz

bubbles: 6/10
smell: 4/10 (smells like Glo)
lubricity: 1/10
price: 7/10
[b]overall: 4.5/10[/b]


Duragloss 901

This one was purchased for Rm 40
Much more expensive but that is expected for such a small packaging.
The bottle instructions says
add 1 oz to 1 gallon of water
60 ml: 7.68 L

The shampoo in the bottle was nice and thick like AnW golden syrup.
I mixed it with the water and OMG

1. it instantly made the water all red like blood. haha
2. it was slippery and very gentle to the fingers.
3. it simply let the washing mitt glide over the surface of my car.
4. it was a bit difficult to rinse off as it was really slippery.
5. but it worked really well and blows Meguiars shampoo out of the water (so to speak)

[b]Dilution Ratio 1:128[/b]
Price: Rm 40 / 16 oz

bubbles: 8/10
smell: 9/10 (smells like cherries)
lubricity: 8/10
price: 5/10
[b]overall: 7.5/10[/b]


Meguiars NXT generation shampoo

This one has been my fav for a long time. It cleans, it bubbles, it smells awesome and its reasonably priced.
But there was just something about that lacked the qualities of the Duragloss.

The shampoo in the bottle had the consistency of Honey and was really thick. When I added the water it bubbled up nicely. But the bubbles will die down a little bit.

It was also really gentle on my wash mitt and carried away the dirt nicely.

I would say this one needs a gallon bottle to make it worth the money. But for now it only comes in half gallon.

[b]Dilution Ratio 1:128[/b]
Price: Rm 60 / 64 oz

bubbles: 6/10
smell: 10/10 (smells like high tech stuff)
lubricity: 8/10
price: 4/10
[b]overall: 7.0/10[/b]

So overall winner for this round is the Duragloss 901.
Superb lubricity and cleaning power.

The Kit shampoo could be good only if were more slippery and can actually clean. But at Rm 10, I didnt expect it to do much. I might save that Rm 10 for good nasi kandar and teh o ais.

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